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For industrial enterprises

Long-term cooperation with the industrial sector allows «FORUM ELECTRO» to understand and take into account all the specifics of equipping industrial enterprises with electrical and lighting equipment. We work with such complex industrial systems as gas chemical complexes, line production management, oil and gas condensate and oil fields.

«FORUM ELEKTRO» customers receive ongoing support from the company. We offer you not only a comprehensive supply of equipment, but also a full service of installed electrical and lighting systems, including emergency repairs and participation in optimizing production.

«FORUM ELECTRO» adopts a responsible attitude to the maintenance of each object. All the parts you need will be delivered and put into operation exactly on time. We are always ready to find alternative options for replacing the necessary equipment, even if we are not distributors.

Project supplies

Бренд: IEK | DKC
Кабельно-проводниковая продукция | Кабеленесущие системы
Год: 2017 год
Чаяндинское месторождение
Бренд: DKC | Световые Технологии
Светотехническая продукция | Кабеленесущие системы | Низковольтное оборудование
Год: 2018 год
Новоуренгойский газохимический комплекс
Кабельно-проводниковая продукция
Год: 2011 год
Бренд: DKC
Низковольтное оборудование
Год: 2016 год
Бренд: DKC | ABB | WAGO
Низковольтное оборудование
Год: 2013 год
НПС Уренгойская
Бренд: DKC
Кабеленесущие системы
Год: 2017 год

Working with us is convenient!

Cooperation with «FORUM ELEKTRO» is your confidence in the uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment at the facility. At your disposal will be the best specialists of the company, a personal manager and even a separate place in the warehouse for the necessary positions of electrical and lighting engineering.