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03 мая 2018

Improving the construction of sheet trays in a special version

The evolution of the system of sheet trays "S5 Combitech" goes to the final stage. Following the trays galvanized by the Sendzimir method, the upgraded structure received perforated trays in special versions for corrosion resistance - hot dip galvanizing (HDZ) and zinc-lamellar coating (ZL).

In addition to high corrosion protection, these cable trays with a width of 50 to 300 mm have acquired additional distinctive properties, such as:

  • reinforced perforation;
  • increased bearing capacity and protection of cable insulation from damage due to the s-shaped edge;
  • permanent ground loop;
  • special cable entry in the tray;
  • connection "father-mother";
  • preliminary and screw-free fixation;
  • padding in the form of a DKS logo.