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16 мая 2017

Manufacture of DKC switch box for individual orders

The company DKS announces the launch of the first stage of the provision of a new service for the customization of ST cabinets, the elements of CQE cabinets and individual components.

The main advantage of this service is the perforation of standard ST cabinets, elements of CQE cabinets and accessories to them, followed by protection of the edge of the cut and the possibility of painting in a non-standard color in factory conditions using high-tech equipment.

To implement the service, the DCS is putting into operation a new workshop located on the territory of the Technopark DKS in Tver. The workshop will be equipped with specialized lines for painting, laser cutting and machining of flat and bulky elements.

Первый этап услуги по кастомизации включает в себя возможность осуществления перфорации серийной продукции, указанной ниже:

  • Flanges of ST cabinets
  • Mounting plates of ST cabinets
  • Mounting plates of all types for floor cabinets CQE

Algorithm for placing an order for customization:

The request for customization is taken by the regional representative of the DCS for low-voltage equipment in your region. To determine the possibility of customization, it is necessary to send him a request with a drawing in which customization parameters, serial product code and quantity.

In response to your request, a regional representative for low-voltage equipment sends a draft of the DCS in an approved form with the signature of the technologist responsible for the customization of the product.

In case of readiness to place an order, the responsible employee of your company must sign on the DTC drawing and send it to the regional representative for low-voltage equipment. In response, the regional representative provides the product code for placing the order.