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19 июля 2018

Modular circuit breakers VA 47 from KEAZ

Automatic circuit breakers of the BA47 series are designed for use in electrical networks with voltages up to 400 V AC of 50 Hz frequency, for their protection during overloads and short circuits, conducting current in normal mode and operative switching on and off of electrical networks and electrical equipment

Design features of modular circuit breakers of the BA47 series:

  • The notches on the contact clamps provide the most dense contact, increase the mechanical strength of the connection and reduce the value of the transient resistance, thereby ensuring that the connected conductors do not overheat and melt.
  • Complex protection of electrical equipment and electrical networks from two types of abnormal and emergency modes - overload and short circuits.
  • The ability to monitor the position of the main contacts, regardless of the position of the control handle due to a special indicator on the front surface of the circuit breaker.
  • The ability to provide the necessary tightening torque of the screws on the terminal clamps with a screwdriver of any shape due to the screw head with a combined slot.
  • A wide range of possibilities for the layout of panels by mounting the devices both vertically and by turning to the right / left by 90 °.
  • The ability to operate in severe Russian conditions at an ambient temperature of -60 to +40