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30 марта 2018

New Universal Compact Terminals WAGO 221 Series

Easier, faster, safer: These three attributes characterize the Universal Compact Terminals of the 221 Series. New terminals from the WAGO 221 series now allow you to connect copper conductors with a cross-section up to 6 sq. M. Previously, the maximum cross-section was limited to 4 sq. M, however, more and more applications are appearing in buildings, where 4 sq m is not enough.

The new Universal Compact WAGO Terminals offer the following advantages:

  • The faster connection of devices with a high level of energy consumption
  • Time-saving and safe connection of long cables with a large cross-section
  • New applications for electrical appliance manufacturers

After opening the clip with an orange lever, the conductor stripped from the insulation is inserted into the terminal as far as it will go. After the lever is brought to its original position, the conductor is securely fixed to the terminal, while the transparent housing allows visually check the quality of the connection. Now, electricians are able to quickly and easily connect powerful lamps and signal systems, air conditioning and heating equipment in commercial buildings.

Your Advantages:

  • Simple connection of copper conductors up to 6 mm2
  • Secure connection thanks to spring technology from WAGO
  • Saving time when connecting conductors
  • New applications